Frequently asked questions

What is unique about the Flawless Plank app?

FlawlessPlank is a an advanced AI technology app that observes you as you perform the plank exercise and corrects your form – to ensure you use proper, flawless form while performing this important core strengthening isometric exercise. The app is designed to do two things – observe you to measure the time you hold a plank and, as importantly, guide and correct you in real time to ensure you use proper form when performing the plank, i.e. ensure a #FlawlessPlank! Register now so you are the first to know when the app is available!

What types of form guidance does Flawless Plank app provide?

The form analysis specifically focuses on where you are most likely to lose your form when doing the plank – a sagging waist or a raised waist.
As soon as it recognizes that you are losing your form or holding the plank incorrectly, the app gives you both verbal and visual cues to help you correct your pose.
In short, Flawless Plank guides you so you can always hold a #FlawlessPlank!

How does the Flawless Plank app work?

The Flawless Plank app observes you holding the plank through the phone’s camera. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze your plank pose – in real-time, as you are doing it. Flawless Plank then uses it knowledge of optimal form to guide you as you are doing the plank exercise - so you always maintain propoer form.

How many people can the app guide at one time?

Currently the app can only provide guidance to one person. Future versions will provide multi-person guidance capability

Where can I use the FlawlessPlank app?

We recommend using the app in your home in a well-lit, open space (about 5-6 feet minimum) ideally with a clean un-cluttered background. If you want you can also use it in the outdoors, in a park – but make sure you are alone and have a level, stable ground to place you phone.

How do I setup my environment for the best results?

There are a few simple things for you to ensure the best results

  1. Make sure there is good lighting on your front, so the phone’s camera can see you clearly, as you do the exercise
  2. Wear athletic or form fitting clothing – and not loose clothing. This will ensure the app can easily recognize the joints in your body

How do I setup my phone to observe me doing the plank?

  1. Open the Flawless Plank app.
  2. Lean the phone against a stable object on the floor or against the wall – in landscape mode.
  3. Now, step back about 4-6 or so feet and crouch or stand, so you are visible within the red rectangle that appears on the screen.
  4. This rectangle will turn green - to indicate the app can see you and you are ready to do the plank exercise

What types of smart phones can run the Flawless Plank app? Will this work on my phone?

We currently support most mid and high end smart phones introduced in the last two years, running Android v6 and above The app will perform best with modern phones that have over 3GB or RAM and multi-core processor supported by a GPU.

When will the iPhone be supported?

iPhone support will be available in late December or early January. Our goal is to support the iPhone 7 and above.

Do you send my video to your servers to do this analysis?

No, we do not send any real time video to cloud servers for analysis. We use the local processing capability of your phone to perform the #FlawlessPlank analysis. We do save the occasional exercise image frame and send it to our servers, so we can continue to train the AI model, thus enhancing the accuracy of the AI model.

How much bandwidth is needed for the app to work?

Since no video is streamed to our servers for analysis, you will not be using extra bandwidth when using the app. The app stores the history of your workouts in the cloud with images from that exercise - viewing the history will refresh the page from the cloud

What is the price of the Flawless Plank app?

Currently the app is available for free - with no ads or fees. As we include additional variations of plank exercises in the app, we might consider charging a price.

What are your privacy policies?

We do not store personally identifying data. The app stores your plank images in the secure cloud server as a way to track your plank history. You can view our privacy policies here,