The Flawless Plank App

Flawless Plank is a an advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) app that observes and corrects your plank exercise – to ensure you use proper, flawless form while performing this important core strengthening isometric exercise. 


The app observes you holding the plank through the phone’s camera. It then uses advanced, patent pending artificial intelligence technology to analyze your plank form – in real-time, as you are doing it. 

The app is designed to mainly do two things –

  1. Automatically track the time you hold a plank 

  2. Ensure you use proper form when performing the plank, i.e. hold a #FlawlessPlank

Flawless Plank form guidance

Proper form is important to reduce the chance of injury, as well as gain the benefits of the exercise. The app using A.I. technology focuses on the two areas where you are most likely to lose your form when doing the plank – a sagging waist or a raised waist. 


As soon as it recognizes that you are losing form, or holding the plank incorrectly, the app gives you both verbal and visual cues to help you correct your pose. In short, Flawless Plank guides you so you can always hold a #FlawlessPlank!

Download the app now - it is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.